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Anyone ever here of Windsor speakers?

Guest bubslewis

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Guest bubslewis

I have two really beat up speakers in the garage. Can't quite remember when I got them but it was at least 20 years ago. They are large bookshelf/small floor standing type. I recall they were on a close out sale for a little less than $100.

The speakers were made in Baltimore. I was still living in the Baltimore area at the time, but I had never heard of the company. I've never seen any other speakers made by Windsor and I doubt if they are in business now. They may have been going out of business back then (hence the reason for the "close out sale").

I still use them occasionally outside in the patio in the summer time. Anybody ever heard of them?


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Guest PeteinNJ

We got a pair of large Windsors recently

(I work for a non-profit electronics recycling program)

There were labeled 'Shuco, Inc. Windsor Laboratory Series'

and are very large.

All of our speakers go to ebay under 'ecomputermarket'

I attached a pic



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