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Got my zenith table am fm tube radio fixed

Guest bob33

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Last friday i was at my grandpas in indiana. He used to be an old tv repairman he has 3 tube caddys laying around in his garage. He taught me how to check tubes without a tube tester so i tested all of the tubes in the radio one came out bad. He said that this one went bad because the fillments were broke. So he told me to go out to the garage and get the zenith tube caddy. I went out and got it it had the tube substitution book for what numbers will replace it. I found a tube that would work and put it in soldered a few wires back pluged it in crossed my fingers to my suprise it worked. That was my first tube radio i have ever fixed my grandpa taught me some usefull things that i needed to know. Like if you have a bad tube dont hold onto it other wise you will grab it for a different project and it wont work. He has a tube tester but it doesnt work so he taught me how to use my multimeter to determain if the tube is good or bad. He says i should get a basic circuit electronics book and go to school to be a electrician. My tube radio is from 1959 i got it from my other grandma and at the time it didnt work. Hasnt been working she said since 1971 i will have to tell her that i fixed it she will be thrilled. Now my question will a sylvania 12ba6 be a good replacement for a zenith 12au6? it works but i was just wondering thats what it said to replace it with in his tube substitution book.

thanks jeff

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