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More info please - ESS

Guest rickcee

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Guest rickcee

Hi as to the ESS Heil ( large, sortof a slanted rectangle type )

--those who've had decent listening time - comments ?

smooth sounding, harsh ? does J.Baez sound like J. Baez or Willie Nelson ? Bass - I'm thinking 12" in a fairly large encl. plus passive rad., should be good. What is ' fast' tweeter ? Harsh ? extra accurate, brite ? just curious, don't really think I'll go the EBay route. too expensive/ hard to ship, to begin. And probably with the kind of music ( ?? ) I prefer, almost always listen to - Allman Bros, Dead . . .probably not exactly speaker critical.

While I'm here - comments on 'sound' of Carver reciever - it was said, they had a somehow different power amp ? ( mine got fried by lightning near strike a few years ago - also lost TV and Telephone ans. machine. !) replaced by NAD - old Sansui, mid 70's reciever has much better tuner using exact same antenna . . .ps - i'm amazed to hear bad report on ADCOM , maybe just one of those things . . .

a couple weeks ago, my usual winter foolin around, got out old KLH 17 ( don't scream - one of tweeters blowm, I replaced both with 30mm domes). - with test tone CD, to me - some response at mid 30 's hz, good at 50 hz, seems to be a peak at upper 60 hz - quite even from 100 - 5,000 . . .? thanks Rick

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