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Pilot Stereo Voice PSV-2 Speakers

Guest Tropicaltubes

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Guest Tropicaltubes


I own a pair of Vintage Pilot PSV-2 speakers. These speakers sound

very open and smooth, in part owing to their 16 Ohm Alnico Driver content and simple 3-way 1st order crossover configuration.

But I have a problem.

One of the 12" Alnico woofers exhibits a 'buzzing' distortion clearly audible when I test the speaker outside of the cabinet, on it's own with a Audio Frequency generator.

The distortion appears to be limited to the upper bass region only.

As the other woofer does not distort in a similar fashion, and both drivers have the same DC Voice Coil resistances, surround in good shape and the Voice Coil does not rub on either driver may someone have any idea as to why one speaker distorts.

The Spider looks in good condition. I have not ventured to remove the dust cap and see if there is any foreign material in the voice coil magnet gap.

Apart from a total recone, I would like to receive any suggestions.

Would an overheated voice coil produce such a distortion?


Rich Sherman

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