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Alison 8's #H2617


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Hello all,

On a recent trip to dallas I came across a perfect condition set of Alison 8's #H2617 speakers in my parents storage unit. I remember them from there old house in St.Louis Mo. and I decided to try them out and plug them in. They sound perfect so I took them to Miami fl, thinking I could use them in my own sound system but for various reasons I cant. I want to try to sell them but have no idea on there value. I will say this, When I found them in dalls they were in there orignal boxes and everything intact. Documentation is all there as well as the speakers and they are in perfect condition, aside from a little dust, I wiped that all off and took some wood oil to the cases. The grills are all in one piece with no cracks, I tested them one by one on my Denon THX Ultra reciever and each one sounded great, I run a whole set of Martin Logan Ascents that are without a doubt perfect in and of themselves but the addition of the Alisons would be to much. Anyhow, anyone know of a fare price to sell them, as I said I dont need them and if its within reason to ship them and make some money I would. As I am not all that familiar with the net and posting to forums such as this I cant really post a picture, but if you would like one I can take it and email it. Any responces would be great. I appreciate any help anyone can give.



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