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wharfedale w 70


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just looking over some old postings and noticed discussion of 1960's wharfedales. ive used a pair of the w70's for the past year and would be interested in any information on them. ebay searches have only provided me pictures and specifications of w60's and the w70d which look considerably different. i took a peek inside the giants once, saw some pretty things and decided to leave - dont really know how these speaker things work. i decided the sounds coming from my ar 2ax's to be more soothing.

one unrelated question - just to show how dim i am when it comes to the technical aspects of audio. just how much bearing does the grade of cd player have on the quality of sound. i use a marantz model 26 receiver with the before mentioned ar's. in the auxillary input i plug a sony discman, not a fancy one at that. what am i doing? is this bad? the low powered receiver aside, could i improve my sound considerably with a better cd player. it sounds pretty good now.

new to the game, noah.

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