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Source of woofer replacement on Alt


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I wish to replace the 8 ohm woofers on my old Altec Lansing "Seven" series 2 speakers. I live in Canada near Toronto.

Could someone assist as to where I could go to get replacements? However if you feel that an alternative speaker is recommended and it can be done , could you suggest a high quality woofer make and model I should seek?



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You might want to try Parts Express @partsexpress.com who will have an extensive selection of replacement drivers for your application. You can also call them at 800 338 0531 and they'll send you their hard copy catalogue. If you just need the surrounds on your woofers repaired, there are several companies who advertise on EBAY who will sell surround repair kits for DYI or you can send your drivers to them and they can re-surround or recone. Just do a search on Altec on ebay and these companies will come up. I believe one is called simply speakers. good luck Dave

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