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Infinity Column IIs...any info??


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New to this group. Got into Classic Speakers a few years ago refoaming my college speakers. Since then I've had new respect for the old stuff and think most of the benefits in box speaker development has been making them cheaper (notice how heavy the old ones are).

Well I came across a really big set in my local thrift store. Nobody know what they were but they were big and heavy (over 50 lbs each) and I paid $30 for the pair.

I brought them home and began cleaning, replacing fuses, grill cloth and other costmetic stuff. I was rewarded with two very big and very good sounding speakers.

The only think I can find on them is where you put the wires it says Infinity Column II. Someone said they are 1976 vintage.

The boxes are about 3 1/2 feet tall and 1 1/2 foot square. There is a tweeter, mid and 10 inch woofer on the font. On the bottom there is a second 10 inch woofer. On the back there is another tweeter and maybe a mid.

Funny thing is I have a set of the Eosone RSF1000's which were Best Buy's foray into the upscale market. BB wanted #2,200 a pair for them (got them on closeout). They were designed by someone called Arnie Nudel who they said was with Infinity at one time. Both speakers sound very, very similar. The Eosones have a front tweeter, mid and 2 ten inch woofers (both front) tha are powered and a rear tweeter and mid. I wonder if over 25 years the only thing Arnie did was move one woofer and add some power.

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I had a pair of Column II's that I bought new in 1978, while I was in Germany. I had those speakers until 1995, at which time I bought a new pair of Klipsch CF-2's. I loved those speakers but like the Klipsch's even more. :)

I no longer have the manual but they are pretty straight-forward. I would blow the fuses at least twice a year on them. I was powering them with the Yamaha M-4 amp (125 W/ch) and C-4 Preamp. They should also have a piece of dark glass (about 1/2" thick) that rests on top of the speakers. The glass butts up against the grill cloth to make it form fitting.

Around the early 90's, the woofers just started to fall apart. I should have gotten new drivers, but opted for the Klipsh's. I hope you enjoy them as I did...


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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, the top looks like a piece of plate glass should go there. The grill cloth cover sticks up about 1/4 to 1/2 inch just as you describe.

As for the woofers mine look new. I'm not sure if they are refoam, factory replacement or from Radio Shack.

But I'm still amazed how good they sound especailly for the price and from a thrift store. But the thrift store has been an awesom find.

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