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Cizek Model Is and IIs

Guest fishercat

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Guest fishercat

Hi all,

Many years ago 1980ish I bought these speakers from a friend. $350 for all.

I think he said he paid about $1400 for them about 3 yrs earlier.

I love them and wouldn't part with them.

I have a pair of MG-27s SN X0-128, ??, walnut cabs and dual 10"ers

and Model II (looks like) SN N-5212, and N-5215

About 7 yrs ago I refoamed the Subs myself and it went well.

Now I need to do the woofers on the IIs.

I think i still have the documentation as well.

But even torn the speakers sound great.

Last time I found a place that sells a kit The company is called Simply Speakers, 813-571-1245 (not sure if still in business)

I will check online.


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Hi Steve,
I'm an italian lover of Cizek sound. I bought my pair of Model III when i was teenager and i dreamed for a life to get a pair of MG27 (too expensive at that time for my small teenager's budgett). After many years i just found my used pair of MG27 but unfortunately a repair shop replaced the original spiders and voice coils of the 4 woofers with not original items. As you imagine I would like do my best in order to restore the original Mg27's condition and i will be really grateful if you can provide two simple spec concerning your original pair.

I need to know the DC resistance and the inductance of a single woofer disconnected from the crossover network.

If you are not usual with that i can give you full information in order to make this simple check and i will be really grateful to help me to make my dream true. 

I really appreciate any help you can provide

Best Regards



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