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Cizek Model 3: power hogs?

Guest bk

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Today I found a pair of Model III at a junk store. (They have 8" woofers and peerless tweeters in relatively large vinyl cabinets.) Brought them home, cleaned the pots, and connected a low-power modern (black face) Luxman amp. Well, let's just say I was underwhelmed. Nasally vocals and almost no bass.

I was ready to post a message asking what was wrong, but I decided to first try them with a different amp. Hooked up a Sony receiver that has more power than the Luxman but is inferior in every other way. Man, I'm glad I tried this. What a huge difference! Now I'm hearing something like I expected.

So, my questions for those of you with more experience: Am I correct that Cizeks benefit from watts, maybe because they were designed at a time when power was king? What was the hot amplifier to hook them to back in the day?

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Guest molecules

I don't know if it is power alone, or the way the output impedance of the amp reacts with the impedence curve of the speakers, or something else.

I had a similar experience with Design Acoustics PS10a's. I bought them cheap at a yard sale and hooked them up to my Adcom/Anthem preamp/amp and they sounded very good. I brought them upstairs and hooked them up to my 70's Marantz receiver and they sound terrible ! "Nasally" and flat are the first words that comes to mind. I can't believe the difference, because the Marantz sounds great with my old Advents and newer Energy speakers.

If anyone has insights on this, it would be an interesting thread.


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