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Newer EPI Mangus GD55????


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Saw a set of EPI MANGUS GD55 at the local thrift store. They are big (about 2 ft tall) and were in good cosmetic shape. They have what looks to be a 12 inch woofer, a horn tweeter and a horn mid. So I grabed them for my 16 yr old nephew for his bed room.

I've drifted into EPI after reading about them on www.humanspeakers.com in my hunt for Genesis parts. He mentions Mangus as late EPI from the early 80's but these don't look like that.

They look to be mid 80s construction. Back then they started making BIG BOX speakers out of 3/8 inch MDF instead of 3/4 inch. Reminds me in some ways of today's Cerwin Vega.

Any info on these would be appreciated. I haven't had a chance to hook them up and try them but if they work ok they will probably be great to the 16 yr old ear. Hell on the rest of the family with a 12 inch woofer.

So any idea what I got?

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A 16 year old kid is gonna Love these speakers. I think comparing them to cerwins is a good analogy. I have had both the EPI A12 and A11 Magnums. I found them to be pretty good speakers just alittle bright for my taste. As long as you didnt pay more that 50 bucks you got a great deal. Just watch out for the horns if you blow em you have to send them in to be rebuilt as they dont sell replacements anymore.



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