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Allison re-foam

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Guest spagbend


I just wanted to post about a great experience I had with a member here recently.

I had purchased new a pair of Allison CD-6 bookshelf speakers back in 1989. They sounded great & could really crank if you needed them to perform. I received many compliments on them through the years.

I moved & had them in storage for quite some time. I recently pulled them out & was playing them when something didn't sound quite right. Oh no! Removing the woofer grill I found that my beloved woofer surrounds were basically mush. The butyl coating had hidden the deterioration.

Not knowing anything about replacing the surrounds & wanting them to be repaired professionally, I Googled the words Allison, refoam, & surrounds & that's how I found this forum. I also found many places on the web where I could send them in to be repaired.

I noticed a post where a member had their woofers re-foamed by another member here & was really happy with the work done. I read the comments & saw some pics & that's when I decided to contact Minh Luong about my speakers.

I emailed him & he graciously answered all of my questions & that's when I asked him if he would consider doing the work on my speakers. He said yes & told me how to ship them to him in NY. He also told me how he would do the work. I sent them off knowing they would be in good hands.

He emailed me when he received them & worked on them over a weekend. They were sent back to me promptly & when I opened the box...Wow! They looked like new. Actually better because the new foam will last longer than the old foam. He re-coated the cones with new butyl. They look & sound great!

It's nice to have people out there like Minh who have the skill & experience to do the work correctly. If I had more speakers in need of repair, I would not hesitate to send them to him.

Thanks to this forum for putting me in touch with Minh. I don't have before pics of the woofers but I'm posting after pics of Minh's great work on my "new" speakers. ;)

Thanks again!


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