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How much is the Allison Model Two worth ?

Guest Pegazus

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>Was just wondering how much my Allison Model Twos are worth

>if I had to sell them today.


>They are in Excellent Condition.


>Pls. reply

Hi Julian;

I was waiting for someone else to respond to your question.

I certainly am not an Allison speaker expert, by any stretch of the imagination.

I would suggest searching for this model on ebay to have a more current idea of its most recent worth.

Remember that the prices generally go up and down like a roller coaster, almost daily.

If you should find a pair listed in a similar condition to yours listed, see how many have looked in interest.

If you should decide to sell on ebay, for example, you can specify USA only, North America only or worldwide exposure.

Worldwide exposure will quite likely bring in the most and highest bids.

Limiting sales to the USA and payment via Paypal only, will severely limit your sales price.

Others members may have more input for you as they see your question.

Good luck.

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