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Small Advent Surround Info Wanted, And Other Restore Q's?

Guest tomkattn

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Guest tomkattn

Ive got some small Advents I want to restore externally original

They need surrounds. Ive looked online, and some dont look

right. The rounded part thats concaved look smaller than

what was remaining on mine. I really want something that looks

original. Just to make sure you know which ones I have, they

are similar to Original Advents, just smaller. Green fried

egg tweeters. With funny looking dust cap, Im not 100 % sure

what the in crowd calls them " spitwad". Also I want to know

If anybody sells newer improved x-overs. As Im too inexperienced

to make my own. Also would it make a differance to use larger

gauge wire internally? With all these upgrades should I add

more damping material? Please Help?

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