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new advents large.

Guest tim t

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now that i know what they are...thanks to a post from someone on here to audio karma...i...must say .i am very very pleased with my new advents..surrounds already done, cabinets in A condition, no chips, a couple of scratches, one orange tweeter has a dimple in it, i pulled the mesh out from where it made the dimple, a common problem, so i understand..there is a guy on the other site that is stacking his advents with a pair of infinity Qb's..my Infinity Qa's have been sitting there in the living room behind the sofa..waiting for a verdict..they look a little miffed, i still have the cheque i gave the audio store when i bought them..however, i must say for overall listening pleasure, the advents win, i can feel them, the emits certainly go higher, but, like someone else called henry said...do we hear them anyway..nice...plus the walnut bullnosing..is , well, i'm a carpenter, and have done many handrails the same way..that bullnosing is...wait for it..sexual....touch it look at it, plus the sound that comes out of those boxes..still to this day is un matched in my opinion..i was a cathedral choir boy in toronto many years ago, yes, i did the allegro solo in st james cathedral...so..my ears are calibrated as are yours....right now though i'm listening to a wonderful piece by patrick o'hearn called metaphor..and my gosh do i love these advents...g'night

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