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Guest tim t

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i picked up my first pair of advent large speakers today, beautiful to look at the walnut veneer, i had dropped off my yamaha kx421 tape deck to be fixed at a local repair shop a week ago and when i went to pick it up yesterday lo and behold there were the advents almost touching my left knee as i stood at the counter, hmmm went my brain..where do i remember that name from, so one thing led to another, much time on the internet researching last night, so today i went back and picked them up for 100 bucks canadian, they were on consignment and the same shop had recently done the woofer surrounds to boot. So here's my connundrum, i have a 2002 yamaha rx596 reciever 90rms per side which replaced my old i can't remember pioneer with the darlingtons, anyway, i've got them hooked up now, nice, i'm not totally blown away, and here's the reason, in 1980 i bought a pair of infinity QA's 15-150rms 42-32khz crossover at 2500 and 89db, these i have maintained through the years, i found 2 emits in georgia last year to return them to original cond, these are in the same league as the advents, just different sound, no wood venneer though, so now they are side by side, no room to stack where they are situated, up near the ceiling, i have 10 foot ceilings, and neighbours on the second floor in this house, i'm on the third floor, so just as well. These two somehow seem to complement each other, one set on speaker A and the other on B, running them alone A or B does'nt sound right, they sound lonely, yes the advent needs a little more power, but together they produce a symphony i hav'nt heard before, question, should i be wiring them in series on speaker A or leave them the way i've got them? the sound is so full, each filling the voids in the other, similar to what i assume the stacking method achieves..lovely stuff, i realise that having them up near the ceiling is not ideal, but my neighbours downstairs would not appreciate the lows the advents put out..any ideas..thanks for this wonderful site..and no the infinity's stay too.. tim

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