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Large Advent Woofer Replacement

Guest chazbola

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Guest chazbola

My brother (a former service manager at ADVENT) helped my find a pair of Large Advents. One woofer needed to be re-coned. So I received the speaker and re-coned woofer separately. Went to replace the woofer - and need two questions answered. 1) Where can I get a gasket or replacement masonite.

And the most important question 2) I have woofer positioned with the connectors facing the bottom of the speaker - there is a red and black connector. Unfortunately there is no color coding on the woofer speaker. Which is the proper way to connect the red and black. I don't want to open the other speaker woofer to match - since it will ruin the seal. I assumed when facing the front of the speaker that the black should be connected to the right hand side and the red to the left. Help!

Also there is a piece of loose insulation - is that to wrap around the connector wires?



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