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Do I have 6003's? If not, what are the possibilities?

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Guest hammr7


A neighbor is selling a pair of Advents as a result of downsizing from a house to a condo. He thought they might be some variant of the Legacy.

I went over to check them out and they aren't any version I easily remember. To start off, most of my Advent recollections were 2-way speakers. These are 3-way speakers, with a 7" to 8" woofer (9" to the inside of the metal? surround). They have a ~2" donut surrounded midranges, one with a pushed in center and the other with a cracked center, and a ~1" dome tweeter.

The cabinets are 33 1/2" tall, 16" wide, and 10" deep. They have wood tops (walnut?) and a ~6" high wood piece across the lower front. The Advent nameplate is situated on the lower right, mounted to the wood. The sides and back are painted black. The front is a black cloth grille assembly. The speakers are mounted through a large sheet of ~1" thick foam, which is showing signs of deterioration. It appears there might have been labels above the connectors in the back, but these apparantly disappeared a long time ago.

In looking at Advents on eBay, the speaker arrangement seems similar to the Maestro, in a cabinet that appears to be an oversized Legacy design.

1. My primary question is what speakers are these.

2. My second question is whether the midrange centers are repairable or replaceable.

3. Finally, is the foam sheet replacement as simple as scraping out the old and throwing on an equivalennt replacement.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. They look lovely and I might be allowed to keep them (the wife factor) but want to know if they are worth the effort.

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They aren't 6003's... I have those and they measure 8" deep x 22" wide x 32" high and are trapezoidal... plus the grill covers the entire front... no wood bar



Just my $ .02, sounds like my ADVENT MAESTRO'S. I would also like a replacement for the foam on the front of the cabinets. From what i've read , it's a resonance damping material.

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