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Second Hand Looksee


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Hi there;

Maybe 10 years ago, I was doing my usual cruising, a local second hand store and spotted a pair of, The Larger Advents, in walnut veneer finish, or so I thought.

I didn't see the Advent logos but pulled off the grill cloths, as I recognized the enclosures as the deluxe finish, rather than the vinyl finish Larger Advents.

I would have bet anyone that they were Advents.

The drivers did not look familiar to me at all.

I turned the cabinets around and they were, Radio Shacks, a Larger Advent twin cabinet.

The radiused moulding for the grill frame to rest against was even the same colour and shape.

Imitation is a form of flattery.

If those cabinets were tossed out, I would have just added Advent drivers and checked the insulation and crossover.

As I was recently scanning some older literature, 600+ photos, I saw more than a few brands closely resembling AR and Dynaco speakers as well.

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