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AR2ax Hi & Mid pods bad


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Many people prefer the sound with the pots bypassed. Try it with test leads (alligator clips on each end) from Radio Shack (or make your own). If you like the sound, get out the soldering iron, and go to work.


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I tested them by running pink noise through them at the varied frequencies on my scanalyzer. One of the speakers passed, the other one didnt. Both speakers have problems with the Hi & Mid pods in the back. You have to find the one spot that actually turns on the Mid or the Hi speaker. They are working like an on off switch on the speaker that passed. On the other speaker it seems like the pods adjust the speakers up and down OK but there is a major loss in the mid and hi spectrum of sound from one of the speakers boxes. I guess I would have to somehow bypass these pods to see if it is the speakers that is the problem.

How do I bypass the pods?

Can I replace the pods and if so where do I get the parts?


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Ok, so if I understand correctly there are 2 posts on each pot. With 2 banana clips wired together I am to connect the 2 posts together on 1st the Hi and then do the same on the mid? If that sounds good then just solder the wires together?

I thought the wiring on the pot for the hi would be + & - and you would want to plug those together.

Please explain?


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