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Advent/3's Woofer


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Recently I happened to acquire a pair of Advent/3's at very distressed pricing so consequently had pretty low expectations. Well, one of the speakers is just fine.

Its mate, however, was dropped hard and that dislocated the magnet on the woofer causing the voice coil to rub and eventually freeze.

I’d like to get the pair working as even that single 3 sounds pretty impressive. I mean for its size, it’s very impressive!

My guess is ebay is the best place to locate a replacement woofer … right?? (This particular woofer has some kind of rubber coated cloth surround.)

Now, I’ve seen on ebay woofers for the Baby Advent I, II and III. Two questions:

1. would these foam surround woofers be a drop in for the cloth surround Advent/3

2. would the foam surround woofers significantly change the sonics of the Advent/3

I'm in no hurry, whatsoever, so can wait until the cloth surround woofers show up on ebay. In the meantime, any recommendations for a “quick fix”?



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