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Modify New Large Advent Cossovers?

Guest wbz

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Now that I have been edumacated :-) that the New Large Advents have completely, alright radically, different crossovers I'm wondering if anyone has ever replaced a New Large Advent crossover components to make it like the original Large Advent crossovers?

This has been touched in in some threads but I thought it needed it's own thread.

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Guest sbalfour

This belongs in the mod'ers and tweakers forum if you want to go

into detail or design one. If what you ask is literally what you

want, you can take an original Advent Large and replace the tweeter

with a new style ferro-fluid one :-| The masonite framed woofers are sonically to the New Advent stamped metal frame ones. So you get a

New style system with an old-style crossover. Alternatively, you can occasionally buy used Advent Large crossovers on Ebay and substitute

them into a New Advent box.

What you propose isn't what you want to do, however, because the

crossovers are an integral part of the system design: they're highly

dependent on the exact driver parameters, box volume, stuffing, and

other characteristics of the system. You can't swap the crossover

from one system with that from another. In particular, the New

ferro-fluid tweeter has resonance at 1900hz vs 670hz for the original tweeter - it needs a much higher rolloff than the old one, and that

implies a completely different high pass filter and crossover.

I think the above won't answer your real concern - what is it, in

acoustic terms, that you are trying to change or "fix" in the New


Stuart Balfour

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