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Advent power handling ?


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Hi Andy;

Advent claimed the, Larger Advent, to be able to handle the full output of an 100 watt amp with their fusing sheet.

Please read the Advent fusing sheet in our Advent library for their exact wording.

With a Bussmann FNM 8/10 slo blo fuse recommended for both the Larger and Smaller Advent, I would look at the AR fusing sheets.

AR's explanation of speaker power handling at different time durations is much more valid.

An 8/10 amp slo blo fuse would place it with the AR-2 series speakers, etc, in power handling capabilities.

I would suggest that anyone who likes to really push the envelope with power, maybe reduce the fuse size slightly.

I bought a pair of Larger Advents at a local Value Village for $45.00 the pair here a few years ago.

When I got them home I connected them up at a moderate volume level.

The foam surrounds tore after only a few minutes of use.

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