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All Advent house

Guest dsurkin

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Okay, I may be boasting, but here goes:

I'm picking up another pair of Advent Large (walnut cabinets, so the second generation) this week. I'll swap out the Smaller Advents that I've been using for surround sound. My system will then consist of the following:

Den--Denon 2807 receiver powering 5 Advent Large walnut cabinets (2nd generation, all metal-framed woofers).

Living Room--My 1985 vintage NAD receiver powering 2 Advent 5012 speakers (given to me by a friend who upgraded to Dali speakers--having heard an all-digital recording of Horowitz playing through his Dali speakers powered by an Arcam receiver, I have to say he made the right choice).

Of mild interest: The 21 year old NAD receiver generates a very different sound from the new Denon, even though the two companies are reputed to have a very similar sound. The NAD brings out the low bass, whereas the Denon appears to produce an even, uncolored sound. Perhaps a new NAD would sound the same as a new Denon. I have yet to calibrate the system in the den, because I was waiting for the last pair of Large Advents, so it's also possible that the sound of the Denon will change after I'm done with the calibration.

Starting a few months ago with my original pair of Large Advents that I bought from Sam Goody the same week Advent released the walnut cabinet model, I have spent about $250 to get a total of 5 more Large Advents and 3 Small Advents. I would say that this is the best bargain in high quality sound available.

--Dean L. Surkin

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Guest SpruceMoose

pretty much in the same all-advent boat over here too:

double advents for L/C/R in the home theater (about 100 bux invested in each pair), a pair of '73 large walnut in the bedroom (50 bux for the pair), and i picked up a pair of /3s the other week for 8 bux at a thrift store. dont know what i will do with the /3s yet. probably going in the guest room.

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