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New Speaker "Break In" How?


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The easiest way to break in any new speaker component is to play it. I recommend you buy an audio test disk from Stereophile or Chesky records and play the pink noise track (they all have a pink noise track) on repeat mode and fairly loud. You may want to leave it playing all day while your away. The speaker will have to play all the frequencies simultaneously when playing pink noise. If you have a tuner you can defeat the FM muting feature so you hear the static between stations. That static is very much like pink noise. That's an option if a test CD is unavailable.

Good luck.

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Guest Barrydor

The techniques mentioned are excellent for breaking in speakers and other audio equipment.

If there is concern that playing the system all day will bother the neighbors, simply wire the speakers temporarily out of phase and place them facing each other relatively closly during the course of the break in.

This will help keep the noise and annoyance level to a minimum.


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