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Powered Advent Loudspeaker

Guest Namazu

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Guest Namazu

I think they were really on to something when they came out with the Powered Advent Loudspeaker back in the day. I had been wanting to BiAmp my New Advents for many years, and recently I actually went and did it. What an ear opener this has been!

The assemblage consists of a pair of New Advent Loudspeakers with the 2nd generation metal woofers (round magnets), NAD C320BEE integrated amp pushing the woofers, Behringer CX2310 2-way crossover taking care of job assignments, and a vintage Kenwood KA7100 integrated amp up against the tweeters.

Crossover points ranging from 1500~1800hz work best, going outside the lines results in an obvious coloration of the sound. This is surprising to me considering that the Behringer rolls off at 24db per octave and the drivers are designed to work with a gentler 6db octave slope. But clarity and precision are far superior to what is attainable with a passive XR. Frequency response is laser beam flat, phase aberration is zero, adjustments to hi and low frequency bands are completely isolated from each other. I noticed an "improvement" when upgrading to air-core ribbon coil, metallized poly caps, wirewound resistors, etc,etc,etc, but that advantage was debatable at best.

The switch to an active electronic crossover allows no room for discussion at all, no need for Ad Dept prose here. The Advents had given up their position as 1st string players to a pair of Infinity RS5s about 10 years ago due to issues of midrange transparency. Well, they're BACK, and you can hear right through them!

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