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Advent "Prodigy II " loudspeakers

Guest studio by the pond

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Guest studio by the pond

Last Sunday, my visit to Goodwill turned up two Advent

Prodigy II speaker systems at $9.95 each incl. tax with

my senior discount.

Nice looking systems, nice wood tops and bottoms and

luckily, all drivers work fine. Just need new surrounds

on the 8" woofers.

Does anyone have an opinion regarding these speakers ?

They look like they might make a good set of Nearfield

monitors for my studio's control room.

I plan to visit Goodwill again tomorrow - when I visited

a few weeks ago, I bought a pair of AR 94 Si speakers,

again for $9.95 each. All 4 woofers need surrounds and I

need one tweeter as well. I'm letting those ARs sit on

the back burner until I can get more information about


Lee Hazen

Hendersonville, TN - Studio by the Pond

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