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How do i get to the library so i can download a manual

Guest bob33

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>How do i get to the library so i can download a manual for my

>smaller advents?

Hi Bob;

I am going to assume several things, Bob.

You are on a fairly fast PC compatible computer, Anti-virus software, using Windows XP, with a hard drive, ADSL modem and mouse with a wheel.

If you can read this you are on the discussion board.

Upper right corner red x click mouse once.

You should now be in the main entrance opening to this site, the AR-303 speakers column each side of the picture.

An option on the screen is, Enter the library, click on this title.

Scroll down this screen to Advent, Mouse click on Advent.

Scroll down the screen to the topic you would like to view or copy, mouse click topic.

One may prompt you to open, or save.

Save and it will prompt you to save it where on your hard drive.

Now that it is on your hard drive it is much faster to work with.

You may now need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0+ (free) or PKZip (trial version) to open that downloaded file.

These files are so interesting that you should probably print them out for reference.

Good luck.

I hope I didn't send you into never never land.

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