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I'm sorry if this is a duplicate posting. The one I left on Sunday is not to be found right now, may be due to my server lock up.

Any way -- I'm happy to report the re-foaming of the Powered Advent Loudspeakers went well.

The first one took about an hour and the second about half that.

These were the quickest and easiest of the 3 pair of large Advents I have done.

The glue peeled off the baskets in 1/2" to 4" pieces and those spots that were stubborn gave way to the use of a popsicle stick (stiff enough, but didn't scratch the surface).

Some spots needed softening with lacquer thinner, which also cleaned up left over residue.

On the back side of the cone I used an 'acid' brush and lacquer thinner to soften the glue and remove the left over foam with a soft lint free cloth.

I have given the re-newed speakers a gentle run in, with a selection of live Miles Davis, Santana, The Doors, and Erick Clapton with The King (BB).

My first, pre-re-foaming, impressions are enhanced.

With the cross overs set to neutral they have very clear mids and highs, well defined with very good placement and presence. The bass is down from my recollection of my utility large Advents, but I still have some tweaking and listening to do.

These are sweet speaker /amps!

I followed Roberto's link for PAL schematic and asked about the switch and any know problems. I received this reply:


special = off, normal = on

i beleive... its around 15 or 16Hz.. you can leave it on.... or not

doesnt really matter anymore being it was intended for vinyl rumble

and if your preamp for the turntable has a subsonic filter, then you

still leave them set to special

as fa ras problems. you want to make sure the bias is set deadon both

amps per speaker

make sure you clean the pots well with deoxit WITH THE AMPS OFF!

then set it

the power switches fail also, dont use them>>



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