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Advent Model 400 Schematic Needed

Guest jas

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Guest w7rg

>Does anyone know where I can obtain a circuit schmatic for

>the old Advent Model 400 FM radio?


I am trying to repair a Advent 400. Is it possible to get a schematic from you?

My email is jpcfp at qwest.net

Thanks, John

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Hello, JAS,

I'm beginning what I hope will be the successful restoration of an Advent Model 400.

Could you tell me, please, how to go about removing the circuit board/electronics from the radio's cabinet? I've removed the styrene back but I can't tell if the face plate is pushed out towards the back or if there are mounting points where screws hold the electronics in place and the face plate stays in position. By the way, it seems that the tuning knob and the volume, treble and bass knobs do not pull off of the stems as is typical with many radios.

Can you help me understand this, please? I'd like to clean and possibly repaint the receiver's cabinet and the speaker's cabinet. They're ugly and yellowish.  

I’d appreciate your assistance. 

Thank you.

An enthusiast in Baltimore 

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