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Smaller Advent drivers in AR box

Guest SpruceMoose

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Guest SpruceMoose

hi gang! still in the process of building my all-Advent home theater system. the front left and right doubles are done, and the center channel is an Advent audio focus model. for now....

the side and rears are Radio Shack Minimus 7s, in black. i have two in the back of the room on shelves, facing forward, and two pairs on the sides of the room, up at the wall/ceiling joint, arranged in a dipole configuration, ie: one facing the front of the room, one facing the back. thats in each pair.

subs are a philips 12" boxed into the floor joists. 8' x 18" baffle board screwed to the joists, with end plates to enclose the "box". the woofer fires down into the basement. no air outlet into the living room. basically a floor shaker. works quite well, as it vibrates your feet anywhere in the room, and your back and butt when you are sitting on a chair or the couch. really gets the adrenaline going! kinda neat. the other sub is a 15" audiosource driver in the box that the philips was originally in. the box is 15x20x35 inside dimensions, with a port 4-1/2" square x 12" long. dont know what that tunes to, but it sounds very nice.

anyway, to the point: in my effort to replace the Rat Shack speakers, i have bought 4 sets of Smaller Advent components. yesterday i gutted an old AR 94 box (dont worry, it had bad drivers) and installed the woofer (drop-in fit!), the tweeter in place of the AR midrange (had to cut the corners off the mounting plate and drill new holes. sorry!), and the crossover/binding post plate (had to remove the AR c/o board). well, it sounds wonderful! just like the large Advent, without the very deep bass extension.

this is just a temporary measure, until we get the bookshelves installed along the back wall. then the components for the rear channels will get built into the bookshelves. the sides will end up being 4 foot long slanted-front boxes mounted over the window on one side and an archway on the other side. and the center channel will be replaced by a box in front of the rptv, aimed up at an angle, with large Advent components.

so.... wathca think?


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