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Powered Advent Loudspeakers - need schematics!

Guest peter

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Sure hope somebody looking in on this post can help out.

I'm trying to repair a friend's powered Advents (APLS Legends).

The woofer PA lunched on one of them... I've replaced the output

transistors, and three torched resistors, and have checked through

all the semiconductors, caps and connection-points... but the

bias will not set (shows residual noise only, like a few uV @

all biaspot wiper settings). I'm stumped now, and without a

readable schematic (I have one, but I can't read any of the

component IDs or values) I'm probably going to stay that way.

Does *anybody* have a legible set of schematics for these


I've tried Sam's Photofacts... no soap. Can't find any other

references to the schematics except at the fisherdoctor site

(which is where I got mine - take a look @


Thanks for your help...

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