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I still have the pair of original (walnut) large advents I purchased from Mels Audio in Duluth MN in 1970.

Here are what the very first ones were like.

The tweeter did not have a protective grill in front of it. Instead it had what looks like windo screen in the cloth grill in the tweeter hole.

The acoustic suspension inside the speaker was the pink insulation with with the black screening to keep the insulution from touching the fiberglass. Also the two wires, green + and black - were covered the the foam glued on.

The little blocks of wood the had the velcro materal on were in all 4 corners one in each side in the center and also one right below the tweeter.

This enclosure took a special tweeter that did not have one of it 4 masonite points facing down or it would have hit the wood block.

The front materal that the speakers went into was natural colored masoite.

You can tell when advent went to the yellow foam by the fact that the front material becomes black.

Personaly I feel the pink insulation gave much better control to the bass cone on massive low frequency excurisions. I have a latter type with yellow foam and vinyl outside. Do not like its bass as well. Also some real deep bass was lost when the woofer went to the metal frame. There are two types of metal frames, one with a square magnet (better) and one with a round magnet. The square one is the same as on the original magnet with the round one having less flux.

When it comes to foam to replace on the original masonite woofers, the best is the stuff Just Speakers puts out.

I have tried the other two and they are not as tight as the Just Speakers. My original speakers before foam went bad would do super at repoducing 32 hz with no cone flutter sound.

The foam from Just Speakers will repeat the original performance.

The other versions will allow the cone to make a loud fluttering sound at this low of frequency. The foam is too loose to control the speaker or it is not air tight.

Hope those of you just getting into the fine speakers the large advents are.

The tweeter was mounted forward of the speaker board to keep the sound from them from interfering with the woofer.

In my opinion the very early ones like the ones I have are the best as they started cutting costs as the succeding runs came out.

The new original advent has the metal frame speaker, and the orange tweeter, but now the tweeter screws right to the front flush with the woofer and had the crossover raised from 1000 hz up so they could give the speaker a higher power rating, but the sound was not as smooth.

The tweeter was molded in one piece and is capable of moving in or out 1/2 inch to do a good job on the lower midrange.

If you dont believe me connect a 9 volt batter to it for a second and it will move. If it doesn't like one replacement I got off ebay, the voice coil got hot and froze the speaker in place. This will cause a poor lower mid range.

Also the little cone in the center is not a dust cap but the very high frequency part of the tweeter and can't work right if it has finger poks in it.

Hope this helps clear up some of the questions of the very originals.

PS I still use my original today but in parallel with the advent heritage speakers. These two speakers run together with the finest blend of sound I have ever heard and talk about a wall of sound if I want it. Today a ran a vu test before I wrote this and here the low frequency facts. At 25 hz I had a clean 110 db volume of sound with everything in the house shacking. 32hz still 110db, 40 hz still 110 db 50 hz 112 db and 1000hz 110db. I used a radio shack vu meter on the c weighting position (20 20,000) and was 6 feet from the center of the speakers.

I have a 200 watt per channel amp and am using a perriet verier test cd. Dave.

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