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The term Small Advents might be used to refer to various Advent speakers. The original Large Advents came in a Utility cabinet and a Walnut Cabinet and were later replaced with the New Large Advents. The Small Advents that I refer to as Small Advents were of the same vintage as the original Large Advents. The Small Advents had a virtually identical appearance to the Original Large Advent with the Utility Cabinet (very square cabinet edges).

Having said all that, the original Small Advents sounded very, very similar to the orginal Large Advent excpet for the bass; the Small Advent did not go as low, but to the extent it produced frequencies up or down the scale, the sound was of a very, very similar characteristic to the Large Advent (which was/is outstanding). For the dollar (maybe $140 a pair?), the Small Advents were excellent. Flat, accurate, and as much open air and definition as you could possibly expect for the price. Sounded good with all types of music. They wouldn't blow you out of a room; they weren't really floor standing speakers, except in a small room; they were bookshelf speakers, but they were/are clearly a classic for their size/level of speaker. If you can afford the $100 - $150 or so more that a pair of Original Large Advents will cost, they would be the real ticket - unless you are space constrained (the Large Advents won't take up much more space, but in a good system they will produce great, great sound). If you really like Advents, get a pair of both :)

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