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Love my Advent 1's


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I'd like to know if there is anyone more crazy about Advent 1's out there than me. I found my first pair at a garage sale in mint condition and paid $5.00 each for them. I recently aquired a second pair off ebay in similar condition for $125.00.

I plan on using all of them in my audio/home theater system as soon as I move to a larger place, but for now I'm just using one pair for the fronts. I guess I'll need to find another pair so to have one for a center channel, (although I'll have to figure out the shielding issue).

I really love these speakers though. Sometimes I'm amazed that my subwoofer isn't even on and the bass is right into the basement without being boomy. If anyone has more information specific to the Advent 1, I'd be really interested in seeing it.



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