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Hi Len;

I would go with re-foaming your existing drivers, or on an exchange basis, unless there is a particular reason you want new ones.

I think that the collectibility will depend a great deal on the economy. I recently purchased a pair of classic AR9 speakers for only a few hundred, plus transportation. In equivalent condition, I believe that the classic 9 will be worth more than the 9LS, which will be worth more than the 98LSi. That said, I do not believe that any of the ARs will achieve cult status, but they will continue to be a reasonably priced solid value.

Enjoy listening to your speakers


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I purchased a pair of Teledyne AR 98lsi new in 1986. They were closeouts at the time. Paid $528 for the pair(MSRP was $1250).

They have performed well and were never abused or molested.

I am somewhat concerned about to do when I need to deal with the foam rot issue. What would be the best choice?

1. Send the drivers out to be refoamed professionally.

2. Buy the 4 replacement drivers while they are still available from Layne or BT Tech? BT Tech is only an hour drive away from home.

Do you think that replacements would be OEM or 'equivelent'?

Apparently, the upper mid / tweeter (Duo driver) is not longer available.

I would like to keep these as OEM stock as possible. The walnut veneer cabinets are still in very good condition.

Does anyone have an opinion as to the future 'collectibility'

of these speakers? Are the 'run of the mill' or will they be viewed as 'classics' someday.



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