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I have a pair of Walnut Advent Loudspeakers. Does anyone know what power rating these speakers are? Do they sound better with solid state or tube? I've noticed that placement of these speakers is tricky, but I've seemed to find the sweet spot. Placing them away (about 2 feet) away from any wall is required to rid "muffled" bass.

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The bass phenomina (sp?) you are experiencing is well described in the AR9 technical papers on this site.

I knew a guy when I was in college (1977) with a pair of Advents. He was using an Onkyo TX2500 receiver; 40 watts per channel to drive them. He had a tendency to blow tweeters due to clipping. Thus, I would suggest in the neighbor hood of 100W per channel as the upper limit. Advent's tweeters are not as rugged as the ferro-fluid one in some AR speakers.

On a restricted budget, an Adcom 535, 535 II or 5300 would provide a good starting point. For more money, there are better amplifiers.


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