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Large Advent _ I owned a pair at one time


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Here is a response I made from a recent post... below


I am an old(er) person who remembers and owned a pair of large Advent speakers. I believe these had 12" Woofers and a dome tweeter, strictly 2-way. They had an awesome sound back before "surround". I had to sell them several years ago during a move. Recently I picked up a pair of the smaller Advents with 8" woofers and a dome tweeter. 2-way again. The deteriorated foam inserts surrounding the cone were replaced and these are the best speakers that I have listened to in a long time. For comparison, I took them into my local Circuit City and put them against everything in their category. Unless I spent about $300+ per speaker, there was no comparison. Even the salesperson and some customers agreed. Why don't they make these speakers any more? I have seen Advent subwoofers and wireless headphones, so I guess they are still in business.

Old guy, with good ear. ;-)

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> On Thu, 9 Aug 2001 12:03:06 -0500, "Greg" wrote:


> >I have some Advent Speakers (they are called out as Advent Loudness


> >on the back). They are probably about 10 years old. The cabinets were

> >damaged when my washer hose broke and soaked the carpet. The speakers are


> >great shape other than the cabinets. I was thinking about turning them in


> >the insurance to get reimbursed. Anyone have any idea on what these might


> >worth. They are probably about 32" high by 18" deep. They have a soft

> >tweeter and a 8" woofer. Very solid speakers. Sounds great.

> >

> >Thanks,

> >Greg

> >


> Unfortunately, it's difficult to place a value on something like this.

> Since these are older models (meaning, they don't make them anymore)

> you'd have to come up with a 'replacement' value. So, the question

> is, what would it cost you to buy some *new* speakers that you like

> just as much?


> Depending on your skill level, you could disassemble them out, and put

> the drivers into new enclosures. I'd bet, though, that it would be

> more work than they are worth.


> On the other hand, there are people (like me), that also have a pair

> of old large Advents that would be interested in yours for replacement

> parts. I have seen people on eBay selling just the drivers out of old

> Advents.


> Wish I could be of more help.



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I'm with you in thinking that the older box speakers sound as good as anything out there (at a reasonable price) on the market today.

My take on this is that they (builders) nailed the physics of sound reproduction in the early 60's and built plain boxes that sounded good. Side note did you ever notice how many of them were from New England? Think they did this at grad school at MIT?

Bact to my take on this. They were making good boxes commercially by late 60s and into the 70s. Then companies got into product proliferation coming up with different sizes and shapes. As we moved into the late 70's and 80's these firms were sold to bigger companies and now effort was in making the products more efficiently (cheaper). As we cruised into the 90s size came into play (and accelerated with home theater) and now builders focused on making smaller.

In a nutshell after the initial design work of the 60s and 70s effort went into cheaper, smaller and more stylish.

For me I started with Genesis IIs in the mid 70s used them well into the 90s unitl I tried stylish. Refoamed my Genesis in 98, loved them (again) and have been grabbing every old box speaker since.

I've given my 11 yr old son Big Old Advents (he loves the bass - mom hates it), my 8 yr old daughter has Bose 501s, my nephew in college has Genesis 20s, his younger brother got EPI Magnus and their little sister got EPI 100s.

And you are right on with a side by side of new vs old. In my basement Home Theater I have Eosone RSF1000s. They were sold by Best Buy (made by Polk) in the late 90s when BB wanted to go after the audifile (BB failed). These are 48 inch, 118 lb towers with front and rear tweeters, mids and two 10 inch woofers (powered) and $2,200 before closeout prices (which I got). I came across a set of old Infinity Column IIs (40 inch, 80 lb) and brought them home to work on. Listened to my Eosone while working. When I got the Columns running they sounded great. And they sounded just like (not same as) my Eosone. I went on to find that the designer of the Eosnone was some guy named Arnie Nudel who was one of the early people at Infinity. The Columns had the same number of drivers, same size drivers with the only differences that their cabinet was a bit shorter and wider (I'd bet volume was the same), on woofer fired downward and there was not power amp.

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