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Just bought a 2nd-hand 28LS. What is it?


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Hi, I just bought a second-hand pair of speakers from a hi-fi shop in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. They appear to be from "teledyne acoustic research" and are model no. 28LS.

Any thoughts on these? What are their specifications? I am considering driving them through an old NAD 701 receiver.


Bruce Allen


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Hi Bruce;

The AR28, along with the 18, 38, 48 and 58, are a series of speakers introduced in the 1980s, after the 9LS came out. The 58 and 48, are less expensive replacements for the 91 and 92 respectively. The main difference is the x8 series have cone mid-ranges, and the others have domes.

The 28 are fine speakers, though they may need re-foaming. They should work well with your NAD.


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