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A little day dreaming


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Hi there;

I sit and wonder, "what if", tonight.

What if, "KLH had built up a speaker system, similar in design to the AR-LST's"?

One or more woofers, multiple mids and tweeters.

Not necessarily with the autotransformer, but maybe similar repeatable switching that they had in the Fives and Twelves.

Just day dreaming, MMMMMMM.

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Hi Andy;

I saw these photos of the KLH Twenty-Eight recently in a deep KLH topic.

I think that he said they used the KLH Twenty-Three drivers as well.

I believe that the writer had downloaded the photos from eBay and commented about them being a semi-Bose 901 copy.

Certainly a move into the LST/Bose design area I had been thinking about.



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This speaker has relatively little in common with either LST or Bose 901. It is a direct reflecting type speaker but that is all it has in common with 901. It is also nothing like LST. You could build something like LST yourself. Just get 3 pairs of KLH5s and arrange them so that the two side units are 45 degrees angled to the front unit. If you want to get more realistic about it, disable the midrange drivers in the forward firing units and set the tweeter controls on the side firing units to decrease. Then rebalance the entire system with an equalizer. Or just scavange the parts and re-engineer the whole thing in one enclosure. The main shortcoming of the LST IMO is that it had no midrange coupler to make the best possible transition between the woofer and the dome midranges just like AR3 and AR3a. This was solved by AR9 using an 8" LMR. The KLH model 5 midrange drivers are far less prone to this problem because those drivers will easily overlap the upper range of the woofer.

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Guest matty g

Hi Vern -

Thanks for reposting those pics - I had no idea that KLH ventured into that design of speaker! It appears that the versatile KLH standard tweeter is the choice for that system as well. The stands look similar to the Model Twenty Plus system stands - maybe the same designer for both lines? Wonder what they sound like.....


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Hi Matt;

Those photos were posted in page 8 or 9 of the KLH forum.

I was viewing the earliest topics first.

I believe the writer wrote that they used KLH Twenty-Three drivers.

They would be an interesting speaker to hear, once at least.

I imagine very room-filling.

My AR-LST/Bose 901 comment was because it is obvious they are not solely direct firing forward facing radiators, but aiming for off the rear wall radiation and as with the LST's an angle radiation.

The system's power handling capabilities must have been substantial.

Perhaps they missed the copycat market and pricing structure.

Maybe someone will come forward that owns, or has owned them, with some comments or literature even.

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