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Scarce Grill for the Model 23


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I had to buy these, ebay no. 140060011262. I've only seen this color grill cloth twice before. The usual dark brown grill cloth on the 23 can be too.... 1960's for me.

I think the Model 23 gets overlooked by collectors with selling prices often below that of models 6,17,22 or 24 despite it being much more of a speaker....with the same woofer, tweeter and cabinet size as the model 5. I can not notice the lack of mid-ranges in the 23 compared to the model 5. Even KLH model 5 advertisements stated that "they are not for faithful sound quality. Rather, they are for increased power handling and contouring of musical ballance."

The 5's have been bringing hundreds of dollars on ebay recently, so if you see some model 23's I recommend them as a second choice, they're strong performers.

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