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I just inherited a pair of AR-2 speakers still in the original boxes. What vintage are these? What are the spec's as far as power handling, etc? How rare are they? I hooked one of them up and it sounds good, I expect the other one is good as well. They had belonged to an relative who was an audiophile "back in the day". There wasn't any literature with them, it just says AR-2 on the boxes.

Thanks for any info!


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Hi Gary;

AR2 was the one step down speaker in its day, see literature on this site for more info.

They are a great sounding speaker, better than most (all?) made today.

The classic AR speakers are power hungry, and the air suspension woofer can cause problems for some amplifiers. For starting out, I recommend the Adcom 545, 545 II or 5400 power amplifier to drive any classic AR speaker. These are rated at 100W in 8 ohm, 150W into 4 ohm. The AR2 and other classic ARs are 4 ohm. Later you may want to upgrade the amplifier, but most are very pleased with this combination. It is relatively low cost, and performs well.

You may also want to look at the Layne Audio site for upgrades to your AR2 speakers (see links) and the article on rebuild AR93 speakers elsewhere on this site.

Have fun.


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