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KLH Model 38 - Found by the curb

Guest RhysOrd

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Hi all, new to site.

I was taking a walk after lunch through some neighborhoods today and saw that someone had put their old stereo system out for pickup. I always look for speakers and saw that these were a pair of KLH 38's in good condition. The owner was in the yard and said "help yourself", so I did.

I took them home, hooked them up to my old Pioneer SX-750 receiver, and they sound fine. The usual scuff marks on the cabinets and something down by the woofer on one of them looks a little pushed out by the cabinet, but the grills are original and in good shape.

Do these have any value?



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I forget if the Model 38 has the 8" woofer or 10". At any rate, they were sold in the 1972-75 era and were basically a repackaged model 17 (10" woofer) or a model 22 (8" woofer) from the 1960's. Should be a nice sounding unit and was among the last KLH that were of acoustic suspension design. I think production was on the low side on the model 38....serial number 35,000 or lower ? ? Value is what folks will pay for them, you can get an idea from ebay. Sounds like it pays to take a walk after lunch....KLH speakers turn up when you least expect it !

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