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KLH 6 Repair Work

Guest dbradley

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Guest dbradley

I have a pair of KLH 6's (which I saw offered on this forum in fact). They are the early renditions when Henry presumably had stock in a glue company. The grills (and grill cloths) are glued (vs velcroed) onto the front. As a result, I expect that I will find that the tweeter and woofer are epoxied in (the early years), rather than bolted. I saw an earlier post from "soundminded" about this problem, as a reply to someone else. I am going to try slowly prying the grills off, since the cloths are in good shape. I have three questions:

1) Is there a solvent I could use on the glue used to glue the grills that would facillitate the process of removing them. If there is, I can syringe it in the sides. It would need to be something that would not hurt the walnut cabinets or stain the grill cloth. I was wondering about things like Oops, lighter fluid or paint thinner.

2) I removed the badges and the grill cloth is much lighter behind them. Do I dare try to lightly bleach the grill cloths if I can get them off the grills? Will they shrink in a solution of cold (or warm)water and bleach? Can I block them (like a sweater) so they won't?

3) The tweeters are both not operating (but the woofers are and sound good). Is the logical assumption that they are shot, as opposed to the crossovers/capacitors in the rear? If that is so, I can focus on replacing them, as opposed to removing the woofers to get to the crossovers. What's the best way to remove the tweeters, if they are epoxied in? Heat the epoxy? Chip the epoxt out? Cut the tweeters out? Commit suicide?

Happy for any thoughts on any of the questions. Thanks

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