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Mystery "KLH" speaker system

Guest MPPurcell

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Guest MPPurcell

I have a system with the KLH name on it that came with two small satellites for the high end that hooked to a crossover mounted inside a subwoofer box, which is a very simple and cheap black box about 8" W X 11" H X 18" D. This sub box has two tube ports and no speaker visible. The system runs on L & R wires running from the amp direct to the sub, and then another set of L & R wires going from the hi-pass there to the satellites, which are about 8" H X 5 1/2" W X 5" D (approximate).

I believe I acquired this new around 1992, to use in a guest bedroom, though I don't remember where or other circumstances. The KLH logo is clearly marked on the two satellites, but there is nothing to indicate on either the satellites or the sub, any kind of model number. However, there is a serial number on the sub. This obviously is not a "classic" KLH speaker, and was sold on the cheap, but I am still wondering what the specs on this setup are supposed to be. Does anyone recognize this or have any way to get info about this, or how to figure out what model it is? It does say on the sub "Designed in USA, manufactured in Taiwan."



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