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Need help identifying old speakers

Guest Wild Turkey

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Guest Wild Turkey

(omit sad story about fire:-( --still fighting with insurance adjuster!)

I had a pair of KLH speakers but can't remember the model number.

They had a big woofer -- 12" or so -- and a passive radiator the same size. Design scheme was TMWR, 4 to 5 feet tall, about 24" wide and deep. (sorry, remains were lost in cleanup ;) )

Does anyone recognize these? When were they sold, and for how much?

They were the best sounding pair of speakers I've ever had -- I was playing them for one of my son's friends and he said, "Wow, first time I've been bassed out by light jazz".

I won't get much from the insurance for them due to age/depreciation, but if I can figure out what is a current equivilent I might get some of the depreciated value back if I replace them.


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