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KLH 23 Crossover

Guest tafpyper

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Guest tafpyper

I have been familiar with the KLH 6 for over 40 years. In the past year I ran into some KLH 23's and am very impressed with the sound . They have the same low end as KLH 5 and a high end like the KLH 6. It seems like the KLH interpretation of the Advent. The middles are a little laid back but the overall effect is very pleasant.

Why is there simply a 4 mfd. cap and 3 resistors on a rotary switch for decrease-normal-increase ? I find it hard to believe the woofer is operating way up in the midrange to 3000-4000cps. The KLH 6 crosses over @ 1500 cps using an 8 mfd. cap and 2-2 mfd. caps and the 3 resistors too.

At first I thought someone had played with the crossovers , but a second pair of 23's are identical . I'm puzzled because they shouldn't sound that good !


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