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KLH 17 Rebuild

Guest Bamadawg_63

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Guest Bamadawg_63

I have recently finished rebuilding the x-over's and bi-wiring my KLH 17's and thought I would post a few pics. The woofers are stamped Oct 1968. I removed the 3-way frequency switch and bi-wired them. I hard-wired the x-over to be in the "normal" range full-time. I used all new wiring on both the x-overs and woofers. I also restuffed the boxes and mounted the new fiberglass to run full-length and mounted the bats vertically, as suggested by a KLH 17 owner in another forum.

I have been listening to them about 2 weeks now, and I am very pleased with the sound. I listen to mainly Classic Rock and Blues - and they really rock using my 35wpc HH Scott LK72 tube amp w/dbx DX5 CPD.

The x-overs required 2 3ohm resistors in series to a 8uf cap (I used a 6uf + 2uf Zen cap). The first 3ohm resistor is bypassed with a 2uf cap and another 2uf cap is used to bypass both 3ohm resistors (I used 2.2uf Jupiter Beeswax caps). I used the wiring techniques described by North Creek Music's wiring diagram booklet, and find that it works very well, esp for a novice builder like me.

I really enjoyed learning about x-overs and this was my first ever DIY audio project. I would encourage anyone to rebuild their x-overs with modern parts, the rewards are very nice and now I can enjoy them for years without worries about component deterioration.

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