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KLH model 28 speaker...any details please


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On Jan 28th. last year a photo was posted of what certainly is a scarce KLH speaker... www.classicspeakerpages.net/dc/user_files/82.jpg Identified as model 28 and looking like a Bose speaker. Each unit has 3 10" woofers (2 are rear facing) and each has 3 tweeters (again-2 rear facing). Each cabinet has a total of 6 drivers.

Anyone know anything about these, such as the year produced....quantity made, original cost, etc.

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>Here's a pair being offerd...ebay #5874161210. Definitely

>not KLH's style. Scarce conversation piece, and I bet they

>sound pretty nice.

Hi Andy;

Go to the "KLH" library and download the KLH chronological list.

There is a brief commentary of the Model 28 speaker system.

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