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KLH model 9

Guest Bret

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If the price were right, I think I could get an aunt of mine to let go of a pair of KLH model 9s that she has. . . in her GARAGE. (lordy, lordy)

The last time I heard these was many years ago, but they did work. My uncle used to collect such things - AR LSTs, KLH 9s, AR-9LSi all sorts of stuff. . . a constant torque open-reel winding machine - that you didn't want to stand to near but it would rewind a tape. :-)

He seemed to have a particular admiration of whatever Henry Kloss was doing.

Anyway, I hate (more than I know how to say) that these speakers are sitting in a garage. But I need them like a hole in the head.

I have no idea if in $$$ they are worth enough to even justify shipping them. I haven't seen any come-up on eBay and no longer have access to the Audiogon blue book.

Just for tossing this around a bit, let's assume the cabinet is in "fair" condition, but assume that they work.

Anyone want to venture a wild guess?


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Guest Droog

If they are unused in a garage and she's your aunt, I would hope she would want to see them go to a good home for a low price.

A garage environment isn't the best for any speaker. I think a pair sold on ebay several months ago for about $500. ?

I believe they were made in 1962, and only about 1500 units were produced, making them one of the harder KLH products to find.

It's your duty to rescue them from that cold damp garage!

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>It's your duty to rescue them from that cold damp garage!<

That was my thinking. Maybe I can at least get them set-up in her living room. She believes (incorrectly) that my uncle said these were the best sounding speakers of all time. She gave away (donated to a university) his AR-LSTs which he used most of the time and sold for a song his AR-90s and AR-9LSi's which he listened-to when he was "listening seriously." What my uncle DID say was that these were the best electrostatics he had ever heard (to date), preferring them to some of the more exotic or esotericly-priced modern alternatives.

The KLH 9s haven't lived in the garage for too long. She's just moved to our area from a short time in AZ where they were in her home.

For $500-600 she's not going to part with them, so let me ask another question. The last time I heard these they were being driven by a Bose receiver, don't ask me why. They were also in a mostly disused semi-finished basement room. I don't know what of my uncle's other equipment has been saved. He had some Carver magnetic field amps, some old KLH and AR electronics, the Bose receiver, and a couple of other "classic" combinations (usually non-working items he'd pick-up for next to nothing at garage sales and repair for $.89).

In your (and others') opinion(s), what would be a reasonable thing to drive these with? "Back then" people were using Dyna tube gear if they were poor and Marantz tube gear if they were rich; but usually not more than about 60w. I'd hate to hook them to a Carver magnetic field amp and send either or both pieces to the grave.

I'm asking for "type" (tube/solid state) and "power" recommendations. I'll select from amongst whatever is left in all those boxes if I have much choice. She's not going to go-for buying anything new. She's about 80 herself, so sees age as a thing of beauty.


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